Job Opportunities

Keppel Club offers a range of exciting jobs for those keen to be part of a unique service industry. If you have what it takes to be part of us, contact our Human Resource Department at 6933-3995 or email

Golf Course Maintenance Crew

  1. General maintenance of the golf course.
  2. Perform grass cutting and mowing.
  3. Planting, harvesting, weeding, fertilising, chemical spraying and watering of turf as directed
  4. Maintain the equipments used.
  5. Maintain and repair of irrigation pipes, sprinklers and pumps when necessary
  6. Drive equipment safely and responsibly on various terrain within the golf course
  7. Ad-hoc duties
  • Physically-fit and able to perform labor-intensive tasks such as bending, lifting, standing, pushing, pulling or climbing
  • Understand and able to take instructions
  • A team player

F & B Crew (Permanent/Temporary/Part-Time)

  1. Greet members and guests in a warm and courteous manner
  2. Take orders correctly and serve promptly at Club’s F&B outlets
  3. Prepare work areas and ensure tables are always clean
  4. Ensure smooth operation in the outlet
  5. Perform housekeeping while ensuring hygiene and safety always
  6. Ad-hoc duties
  • Speak and understand English or Mandarin
  • Professional certificates in Food & Beverage or hospitality discipline
  • Friendly, service-oriented with good communication skills
  • Energetic, passion to serve and a team player

Commis Cook (Pantry Assistant)

Leading Cook (Western)

  1. Manage local and western food
  2. Prepare all mise-en-place for operation needs
  3. Handle breakfast and other meals orders
  4. Minimise food wastage
  5. Check for proper food quality and quantity
  6. Ensure all kitchen equipments and tools are in good order
  7. Ensure kitchen cleanliness, kitchen safety and food hygiene
  8. Deliver food orders on time with consistent standards and presentation
  9. Ad-hoc duties
  • Speak and understand English or Mandarin
  • Minimum “O '' or “N '' level certificate or SPM
  • 1 year of working experience in similar related field preferably
  • Must be willing to stand and work for long hours
  • Able to perform multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment without compromising the quality of food produced.
  • Keen interest to learn and improve one’s cooking skills
  • Friendly, service oriented with a passion to serve
  • Physically fit and a team player

Housekeeping Attendant

  1. Provide friendly service to members in assigned changing rooms
  2. Issue towels and locker keys while ensuring toiletries and amenities are well provided.
  3. Carry out routine and structured housekeeping
  4. Upkeep strict cleanliness and hygiene in the changing rooms
  5. Ensure equipments, supplies and inventories are well maintained and stocked adequately.
  6. Report maintenance faults, loss or damage immediately
  7. Ad-hoc duties
  • Able to speak simple English or Mandarin
  • Physically fit, passion to serve and team player


Full time positions are required to commit a six-day week, shift, weekends or holidays. Temporary or Part-Time can be considered for certain positions.