Golf Course Status: CLOSED


The Club with a heritage like no other

  • 1832

    The arrival of Royal Navy officer, Sir Henry Keppel, into Singapore. The harbour is named after him upon his  successful clearing of the Straits Settlements of pirates.
  • 1904

    The founding of Keppel Golf Club. The Club sits on a piece of land first owned by New Dock Co. Ltd, and starts off as a three-hole golf course in the midst of a nutmeg plantation.
  • 1908

    The golf course expands to become a nine-hole course.
  • 1912

    Singapore Harbour Board is constituted and takes over the running of Keppel Golf Club.
  • 1942

    Keppel Golf Club falls into the hands of the Japanese during World War II. During the three-and-a-half years of their rule, the Japanese built their headquarters on Fairway 1. Their makeshift premise consists of a sawmill workshop and jetty with a short railway line running to the eighth tee box. The golf course survives World War II unharmed, after it is used for food production.
  • 1948

    When the British returned after the war, Keppel Golf Club merges with the old Singapore Harbour Board, a social club, to form Keppel Club.
  • 1959

    The first formal Agreement of Tenancy is signed between the Club and the Singapore Harbour Board.
  • 1970

    Mr Howe Yoon Choong is appointed as the Club's new Chairman. 
  • 1972

    Dr Arumugam Vijiaratnam is appointed President.
  • 1973

    The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) takes over the running of Keppel Club.
  • 1977

    PSA leases more land to Keppel Club for the extension of the golf course.

  • 1978

    Expansion of the new Clubhouse is completed with three new floors added. The new facilities include two saunas and an 80-feet pergola at the poolside.
  • 1979

    The General Manager of PSA, Mr Wong Hung Khim, officially opens the new Clubhouse on Nov 19, 1979, in conjunction with the Club’s 75th anniversary celebrations.
  • 1980

    Mr Lim Kim San takes over as Chairman of Keppel Club.

    Plans are underway to remodel and upgrade the 18-hole golf course to a new 6,000-metre competition course to meet international standards.
  • 1981

    Former Club President, Mr Goon Kok Loon, officiates the groundbreaking ceremony for a new 6,000-metre competition golf course. The Club spends more than $14 million to refurbish both the course and Clubhouse.
  • 1982

    Upgrading works to expand into an 18-hole competition course commences. 
  • 1992

    Keppel Club signs a 30-year land lease agreement deal with SLA and pays $18 million upfront for the lease. Keppel also becomes the first club in Singapore to introduce night golfing.
  • 1994

    Dr Yeo Ning Hong is appointed as the Club's new Chairman. More upgrading works are subsequently carried out  with the addition of a bowling centre, gymnasium, outdoor and indoor tennis courts, a movie house and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • 1996

    Former Club Chairman Dr Yeo Ning Hong opens the newly-refurbished Keppel Club on Sept 26. It also becomes the first golf club in Southeast Asia to introduce the monocart system.
  • 2002

    Mr Stephen Lee is appointed Chairman of the Club.
  • 2003

    Mr Lye Fei is appointed as President of the Club. The Club embarks on a major golf course upgrading project.
  • 2004

    The Club celebrates its 100-year anniversary. Golf course upgrading is officially completed, and the new course is officially opened by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.
  • 2005

    Mr Fock Siew Wah is appointed the Club's new Chairman and Dr Tony Tng Thiam Huat becomes the new President of the Club.
    A master plan is presented to the members to further expand facilities that would bring the Club through the next decade and beyond. The plans include a new building facing the sea front which houses the new gymnasium, dance/aerobics studio, a spacious boardwalk offering al fresco dining, a children’s play area, a video games arcade and a roof top dining area. A multi-storey carpark providing ample lots is also proposed. 

    The Club wins the "Certificate of Bronze Award" in recognition for LIAS Awards of Excellence 2005 for Design & Build Projects (Commercial, Industrial, Recreational & Institutional). In its annual Charity Golf, the Club presents cheques of $15,000 each to 10 charities. 
  • 2006

    Chairman Fock Siew Wah and President Tony Tng Thiam Huat, preside in the groundbreaking ceremony in August 2006 to launch the extension of the swimming pool annexe.

    Keppel Club receives the "Friend of Water" Award from PUB in October 2006 for their efforts towards maintaining the sustainability of Singapore’s water supply. In the same year, it is also welcomed to its “Our Waters” programme, as an adopter of the Berlayer Creek. In October, it raises $200,000 for 10 charitable organisations in the Charity Golf Event.

    In November, the Club receives a certificate of appreciation from SembCorp Environmental Management for its commitment as an environmentally-friendly organisation.


  • 2007

    The Club adopted the Berlayer Creek, a century-old salt water mangrove that gives life to a plethora of vegetation and bio-organisms, through a tri-partite cooperation between Keppel Club, PUB and National Parks Board.
  • 2008

    Mr Edwin Khew Teck Fook is appointed President of the Club.

    The Club kicks off its annual CSR tradition, Earth Week, an educational programme for the public to learn more about sustainable practices in Singapore. The exhibition and activities are 100% designed and organised by our own staff at Keppel Club, which aims to prove that it is possible to run an eco-friendly golf club with a focus on environmental education. Besides showcases and workshops, children also learn about the history of the Club through nature walks. The Club raises a total of $375,167 at the annual Charity Golf. The year ends on a good note when the Club receives the Merit Winner Award at the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2008/09.
  • 2009

    The Club receives further accolades from PUB for running a water-efficient building, which subsequently leads to the Club receiving the esteemed "Watermark Award". At the Charity Golf event, the Club raises a total of $339,088 for its beneficiaries.
  • 2010

    At the Charity Golf event held on Oct 10, Madam Ho Ching is invited as Guest-of-Honour. The Club also breaks a new record and raises $561,517 for its 10 beneficiaries.
  • 2011

    The Club receives a certificate of recognition from PUB on July 6, 2011, for being "ABC Waters-certified". It also receives a certificate of appreciation from the organisation for its valuable contribution to the Singapore International Water Week that year. The Club also reaches a new milestone at the Charity Golf event, when it raises $611,744 in total. 
  • 2012

    Mr Lai Mun Onn is appointed President of the Club. At the annual Charity Golf event in October, the Club successfully raises $841,800 for its beneficiaries.
  • 2013

    Chairman Fock Siew Wah opens the new Tee Top Golfers' Terrace on March 8. Earth Week continues with the Pandora 3D exhibition at Gardens by the Bay, as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Visitors include President Tony Tan Keng Yam and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The Club facilities also undergo further refurbishment, including the jackpot room, TV lounge and mahjong room. In addition, the Club receives the "EcoFriend" award in September for inculcating sustainable practices and preserving biodiversity within a golf course. At the annual Charity Golf event, the Club reaches a new milestone when it crosses the $1 million mark in its donations for its beneficiaries, totalling $1,076,731. In the same year, the Club is also informed that the lease on the current land will not be extended by the government upon its expiry on December 31, 2021.
  • 2014

    On Feb 14, the government formally announces that it would not be extending the land lease of Keppel Club, with plans to develop the 44-hectare land space into housing developments. The Club continues to explore alternative solutions for a social club site and works with NTUC for golfing activities. It also arranges a closed-door session at Suntec Convention Hall on Feb 16, with Principal members and government agencies discussing the Club’s future land lease. In October, the Club raises a total of $1,009,352 at the Annual Keppel Charity Golf, with additional funds being raised through the Charity Car Wash. 
  • 2015

    The Club celebrates its 111-year anniversary in conjunction with SG50, and to celebrate this major milestone, holds many activities throughout the year. Members are transported to the good old days of the 1960s through social events held at the Club. In October, the Club successfully raises $1,002,873 for 10 beneficiaries at the Keppel Charity Golf.
  • 2016

    President Lai launches buggies on the fairway in September 2016 at the President's Trophy, a groundbreaking event in the Club's golf history. In October, the Club pulls in a total of $1,016,513 at the Charity Golf event. 
  • 2017

    Mr Tan Chong Meng is appointed the new Chairman of the Club, and Mr Ong Kim Pong is appointed the new Deputy Chairman. In a move to go digital, the Club launches its new website as a “One-Stop” portal for members and visitors to register for events, book facilities and send enquiries. In October, the Club raises $1,030,132 for 10 beneficiaries at the annual Keppel Charity Golf.
  • 2018

    The Club signs a Memorandum of Understanding in August with the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild to explore possibilities of collaboration. In September, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Earth Week, an environmental outreach under our corporate social responsibility initiative, in partnership with the National Environment Agency to support Climate Action SG campaign. In October, the Club raises $1,043,010 for 10 beneficiaries at the Annual Keppel Charity Golf. Following the Annual General Meeting in April, the Club conducts the “Keppel Club: Beyond 2021” survey that results in 68 per cent of respondents wanting the Club to continue its operations beyond 2021. In December, an Extraordinary General Meeting is held to update members of the survey findings, and the Club’s possible merger with Changi Golf Club and collaboration with Laguna National Golf and Country Club.
  • 2019

    The Club raises a record $1,283,800 at the annual Keppel Charity Golf in October. This marks the first time that the Club works with Mediacorp for the President’s Challenge. We are most honoured to have President Halimah Yacob to grace our Charity Gala Dinner as the Guest-of-Honour. In November, Club Chairman Tan Chong Meng presents a cheque of $500,000 to President Halimah Yacob, who accepts the donation on behalf of the 67 beneficiaries at the President’s Star Charity show. The remaining amount is donated evenly to the Club’s 10 approved charities.